Offering unforgettable workshops


Who can participate in the Creative Campus?

Anyone between the ages of 13-18 years old can be involved in our programmes.

When can I join the Creative Campus programme?

You can join the programme right up to the Monday of any programme week. Each industry programme will start on the third day of the week - Wednesday. The Creative Campus will focus on a particular industry for two days of each week, on Wednesday and Friday. The next campus week programme starting Wednesday 7th July is focussed on Fashion & Dance Careers.

How can I join the Creative Campus  programme?

Click here to view our Eventbrite page.  If you  prefer to book in person, please make appointment to meet with our project staff  in one of our town centre offices in Slough, Wimbledon or Bracknell  by calling on 0207 965 7235/0175 320 8776  or email - office@creativecampus.co.uk

Where are the Workshops?

Workshops will take place at a range of venues. Some workshops will take place within the study tour destination, e.g. theatres, or TV/Design studios. Classroom sessions will take place at NIAS training facilities in Wimbledon, Slough or Bracknell.

What will my workshop  hours be?

Our programmes will take place between 9:00am – 4:00 pm daily, mainly during school holidays. Parents are expected to drop off children by 8:45am and pick up by 4:30pm at the latest. Transportation between Creative Campus branches and study tour sites will be the responsibility of the NIAS Creative Campus team.      

Do I need permission from my parents if I am under 18?

Yes, unless you are over 16 years old, then you don't need parental consent. But if you are under 16, it is crucial that we have permission due to the strict laws and  for the safety of all underage participants.

More questions?

 Telephone to  speak to an adviser about joining on

0207 965 7235/0175 320 8776  Mon, Thurs or Fri between 10am - 4pm or send an email to: office@creativecampus.co.uk. 

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