Our Story


Creative Campus UK is a project developed in partnership with BBC Children in Need which introduces young people from disadvantaged and ethnic minority backgrounds to new and exciting opportunities. The campus will expose participants to the creative media and digital technology sectors, encouraging them to learn new skills and challenge themselves in these new environments, with the aim of discovering some of the digital and creative masterminds of the future!

"The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice."

There are real barriers that young people face when trying to find secure employment. They might range from a lack of skills and self-confidence to family issues and restricted access to extra-curricular activities.

To overcome these barriers, we provide a training and education programme to support young people develop the essential life and work skills necessary to access a broader range of employment opportunities.

Participants engage in workshops and talks designed to give them technical skills as well as advice and guidance in job hunting, CV writing and mock interviews.

The Creative Campus programme has a diverse structure. We offer a series of engaging workshops, as well as the chance to interact with professionals that work with social media,  video editing, TV and film, theatre, coding and big data analytics. Participants will have the unique opportunity to experience sessions full of exploration of how their favourite media programmes are made and discovery of the significant roles of the people behind the scenes.

Even though most of our activities take place at the Creative Campus base in Bracknell, an expedition outside of the normal is guaranteed. Past visits include going to BBC Radio Berkshire, Theatre Royal and Warner Bros. Studio.

The focus of each session is to help young minds develop a realistic and specific vision for their future, should they choose to work within the creative media and digital technology sectors.

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