Creative Campus reviews from participants:

-Josh, Lily, Buraimoh, Ibrahim

In the Summer of 2015, we invited lots of young people to participate in the Creative Campus where they were able to gain first-hand experience of working in theatre, gaming, the media and with film editing through a rotating workshop run by professionals. In the video above we have 4 of those participants giving their personal take on the success of the project. They also discuss whether a creative career is a viable option for their future.

Creative Campus Job experience and Free-time activities talk:

"We were able to learn a lot about how the movie industry really worked and I'm glad we were told about it."


At the beginning of the Creative Campus campaign in the 2015 Summer, the Creative Campus travelled to Slough to meet with Jo from Youth Engagement Slough, who gave the children an insight into how work experience operates and how they can gradually rise upwards in different job industries.

As well as this, the Creative Campus participants were also informed of many sporting and extra-curricular activities that they could participate in their area.

The interactive session with Jo allowed for the campus to engage in an informative conversation, discussing the processes that go behind climbing the different hierachies of job industries as well as sharing the events activities and lifestyle choices they could partake in to remain fit and healthy. This therefore provided context for subequent discussions regarding jobs within the creative media industry.

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