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Today, securing a job has become harder than ever (but not impossible!). It is our job to ensure that help is at hand. We work to help individuals become "the best you that you can be". Now, this does not by any means suggest that this will be a walk in the park. It takes effort and determination! If you're ready to take that step, we are definitely here to ensure you are on the right path. We provide skills, work experience  and job opportunities, as well as useful tips to help you on your way. Why not take a minute to look at some top tips we have collated (from various sources) and outlined for you. If followed corrrectly, trust me, you'll be well on your way to succeeding in your chosen industry:

1. Take a step back

Now that you have your GCSE results, it is vital to think carefully before making any rushed decisions. Take a step back. It’s absolutely fine to take a second to collate your thoughts.

2. Do Your Research

Making informed decisions take next will takes time and that’s ok! It is, however, imoportant to make good use of your time. "Talk to as many people – teachers, friends, parents, careers advisers - as possible" Louisa Peackock (Guardian Jobs Editor). The main objective here is to build a  clear picture of what options you have.

3. Gain Work Experience

Gaining work experience is, notably, one of the best ways to improve your career prospects. Obtaining qualifications is great! But, how can you expect to do the job if you’ve had no experience doing it first-hand. Louisa Peacock (Guardian Jobs Editor) suggests Rate My Placement as a great site to see which employers hold good internships and work experience schemes.

For more, take a look at Louisa Peacock’s (Guardian Jobs Editor) article

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